What's a ride without a sound system, right? I have always loved putting good sound systems in my cars. This goes back to high school with my 6 x 9s and equilizer. Ah the good 'ole days.


This sound system sadly does not have have an equilizer, those are are built into head units now. I started with a donor 8-track player housing for the head unit to leave the factory AM radio in the dash. The 8-track housing was refitted for a Kenwood unit. The interior is finished off with, yes, 6 x 9 Kenwoods in the rear deck and 5" speaker built into custom kick panels.


The trunk customization includes custom built panels that are removable for access to the batter, a custom battery shut off and custom '442' emblems in the floor panel.


Here's the list:

  • Kenwood KDC-252U 88W Headunit
  • Kenwood Dual Amplifiers
    • KAC-2404S 500W
    • KAC-1502S 350W w/80Hz Low Pass Filter
  • Kenwood KFC-100s 150W 10” Subwoofers
  • Kenwood KFC-6984PS 6”x9” 600W in the rear deck
  • Kenwood KFC-1664S 6.5” 180W in the kick panels

Total power is about 850 Watts.


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New Mexico's only supercharged 442 !



1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass/442

Hardtop Coupe

383 Small Block Chevrolet